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Courses (module overview)

The degree program offers four different areas of specialization in corporate law, capital market law and consumer protection, competition and intellectual property protection and international commercial law. The courses in the focal areas not only convey the relevant Turkish and German law, but also emphasize the European legal references of these regulations.

The training of methodical-analytical skills is one of the core objectives of the program tailored to the German-Turkish legal practitioner. This is guaranteed both by a specific compulsory module on "Methods and Techniques" with subject-specific rhetoric courses and other events, as well as the teaching of practical teaching content, such as contract drafting or alternative dispute resolution.

As a result, the students acquire the key qualifications required for this, such as negotiation management, interviewing, rhetoric, dispute resolution, mediation and communication skills, which are then to be practiced and deepened in the various professional events. Another important feature is the imparting of business knowledge in a separate compulsory module as well as practical relevance through supplementary company internships.