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Study course

The studies begin with a one-semester stay at the University of Cologne during the winter semester. Here, the focus is on German, European and international business law. In the second semester, the study will be continued in Istanbul. Central to this are lectures on Turkish and international business law.

The degree program enables specialization in the leading economic sectors:

1. Company Law

2. Capital market and consumer protection

3. Competition and Intellectual Property

4. International economic law

All with EU legal references.

The specialization is completed by the compulsory modules "Economics" and "Methods and Techniques". In addition, the internship and the master's thesis ensure an intensive practical relevance.



(Corporate Law, Capital Markets and Consumer Protection, Competition and Intellectual Property Law or International Business Law) 8 CP each in Cologne and Istanbul (16 in total) Compulsory Module P5 "Master Thesis" (max 60,000 characters within a processing time of 10 months)

Required module P2 "Economics (Cologne / Istanbul)" each 3 CP in Cologne and Istanbul (6 in total)

Compulsory Module P3 "Methods and Techniques (Cologne)" 5 CP

Compulsory module P4 "Internship" (8 weeks during the semester break) 9 CP

Electoral Supplement Module Cologne 3 CP

Election completion module Istanbul 3 CP

Mandatory module P1

A total of 60 credits are to be provided in two semesters.

A list of the offered courses can be found in the module overview.