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Photo: Fabian Stuertz

Participants receive a full scholarship of 4,000 euros per semester from Istanbul Bilgi University. Thus, there are no further tuition fees.

From the winter semester 2011/12, the University of Cologne will no longer charge tuition fees. It is only the semester contribution of about 250 euros for the first semester in Cologne, which also covers the cost of the NRW semester ticket.

For the students selected through the University of Cologne, the possibility of Erasmus + funding for the duration of the stay at Istanbul Bilgi University is expected to amount to 200 euros.

In addition, DAAD's foreign scholarships amounting to 810 euros per month and a one-off travel allowance amounting to 225 euros during the Istanbul study phase are available to the participants selected by the University of Cologne for a period of five months.

If you would like to apply for this scholarship, please let us know your interest in DAAD funding in your letter of application.